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How Everything Started

In 1958 a women named Chiz Kamachi started a small 18 seater Chinese restaurant

She made it a destination in Northern Idaho, Second only to Yellow stone national park. Her son Scott joined her for this journey and added an American menu along with a ranch, and blue cheese dressing that quickly became local legends. These freshly made dressings became the talk of the town and grocery stores began requesting that they be made available to their customers through their retail outlets.
As demand for their fresh Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings continued to grow, Chiz and Scott began looking for someone who was young, someone who had a background in food production, someone who was able to purchase Chiz’s and was willing to grow the brand while honoring its’ legacy and heritage. They found such a person in Steve Smith, a graduate from the New England Culinary Institute. As a Professional Chef Steve recognized the value of the Chiz’s brand. He personally loved their products. And he had a vision for taking Chiz’s local brand loyalty and expanding it across the nation.
Chiz’s Restaurant
St. Anthony, Idaho

Chiz’s Today

With the help of Steve’s business partners, Steve purchased Chiz’s in 2015. Since then Steve has expanded the product line to 14 skews, which in addition to Ranch and Blue Cheese dressings, and Strawberry Fruit dip, now include, Mexican Salsa, and Italian Vinaigrette. He has also expanded the variability of container sizes for Ranch to include: 2 ounce, 12 ounce, 24 ounce and 1 Gallon. These different sizes allow Chiz’s to be sold to distributors who service restaurants who are looking to provide fresh products to their in store and take out customers.
The Chiz’s evolution continues today. In 2019 Chiz’s opened it’s new, state of the art, production facility in Salt Lake City, Utah where Steve is able to create fresh, high quality, exceptional tasting products using only the finest ingredients. Steve is focused on growing the brand nationally while maintaining a relentless commitment to quality, fresh, premium dressings, dips, and salsa. Steve and the entire Chiz’s team honors the past while they commit to and take accountability to build the local Chiz’s legend into a highly respected and valued national brand.

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